The Location


“Xenia” stands for the cross-pollination of ideas between guest and host.  It means hospitality and being friends to the stranger.  Xenia has always opened its doors and heart to whomever finds their way down here.

Xenia Centre is a gift to humanity, evoking service, she offers back peace, presence and a direct experience of ones true nature.  Through so much love and attention being poured into her, Xenia has impacted the lives of thousands from around the world.  This is truly a sacred place, a place that brings us home.   In 1994,  a young widow with a small child  risked all to convert a dilapidated old sheep farm into one of the  worlds most beautiful and unique sanctuaries.  Against all financial advice, she followed her souls yearning to service this mission, the dream of Xenia called Angelyn to its birth.

Xenia is a 38-acre Sanctuary in the heart of Bowen Island, one hour from downtown Vancouver and 90 minutes from our international airport. It is also surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected government forests and lakes. It is a place of safety and beauty. It is a place to heal, to rest, to play and to discover one’s true nature and inherent gifts.

As soon as I saw Xenia I KNEW it was the perfect location. Here’s a few more of the reasons I’m excited to share it with you.


















xenia pig

xenia sanctuary2